Living on the edge is part of what makes riding a motorcycle so gratifying. Still, you do what you can to ensure your journey is a safe one. The cold reality is that motorcyclists are 30 times more likely to suffer a serious or deadly injury in a crash than people who are driving in cars.

This number is even scarier for older riders who have weaker eyesight, slower reflexes and brittle bones.

Still, many cyclists ride a lifetime without so much as a scratch on them. The key to a safe ride is avoiding risks. Moore Powersports, we buy motorcycles in Fayetteville, offers safety tips for seasoned and new riders.

Run Interference

Let larger vehicles run interference for you while you are going through an intersection. That is, use the vehicles next to you as cover when crossing through an intersection. If somebody blows a light or stop sign, it is far better they hit the delivery van next to you than you.

Find an Escape Route

Motorcycles are light, narrow and incredibly maneuverable, so you need to learn how to exploit these strengths. When you get into a hairy situation and things are getting ugly, know that there is almost always an escape route.

Swerving and skidding through Mrs. Robert’s flower garden is far better than center-punching the grill of that Buick that turned in front of you.

Scope Out the Surface

In addition to watching where you are going, you need to keep an eye on the pavement. Be on the lookout for anything that could throw you off balance, like spilled oil or gravel on the road.

Master the Scan

While riding, you need to be constantly scanning your entire environment. You need to be scanning the road ahead, then checking the mirrors and then glancing over to your blind side and back to the road again.

Staring at one space for too long is dangerous and you are just begging for trouble. So always keep your eyes moving.

Get Noticed

Make sure other drivers and pedestrians can see you, even far away. You can achieve this by riding with your high-beams on, even during the day and wearing brightly colored gear. It is a good thing that high visibility helmets and jackets are becoming a fashion statement.

Cover Your Brakes

When you are riding your motorcycle, you need to react very quickly as it could save your life. There are situations in which a second can mean the difference between a deadly accident or a near miss.

To minimize reach time, ride with a finger or two on your brake lever or ride with your toe on the brake pedal. This way, when some chump cuts you off trying to get to 7-11 for a microwaved burrito while yakking on their cell phone, you will be ready.

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