If you desire to be a better human being and live a better life, buy and ride a motorcycle. Motorcycles do so much more than just to make you look cool.

There are people who will say negative things about motorcycles, some who feel that they are too dangerous and your mother forbids you even stare at one, but owning a motorcycle does have some pretty cool advantages.

So ignore the naysayers who hate motorcycles and don’t ever tell your mom, but go out and buy a motorcycle for all of the right reasons. Moore Powersports, your used motorcycle dealer in Fayetteville, offers some stellar reasons you should own and ride a motorcycle.

Motorcycles Make You Cool

Most of the time, we like to hide this fact. In some way or another, riding a motorcycle just makes you cool, even if you aren’t even trying. Others know you are cooler because of it and deep in their hearts, they are jealous.

Of course, it is never cool to admit that you are cool because you own a motorcycle. So keep that in mind.

Whenever you see someone on a motorcycle, your first thought is “That person is on an adventure” and “I wonder where they are going.”

Discover Your Zen

A big part of being cool is not worrying about minor things like helmet hair and a windburned face. You have to be comfortable in your own skin to own and ride a motorcycle. You also have to be very attentive while you are riding. You need to pay attention to angle, speed, body position, road conditions and weather conditions. You will not be thinking about the Kardashians or the latest episode of Stranger Things while riding.

When you ride, you find mindfulness and inner peace, much of this will stay with you even after you are done with your ride.

Fun Commutes

Motorcycles are just as utilitarian as cars, yet people somehow forget this. It is perfectly acceptable to ride a motorcycle to and from work. In fact, you will get to work feeling less frustrated. Why? Well, riding a motorcycle is fun, even if traffic is a bit hectic.


Freedom is such an overused word that we want to be careful here. Freedom is a perfect word to use when describing the simple act of twisting the throttle of a bike.

While riding a motorcycle, it’s just your head inside that helmet. You are in control of the bike, you are in control of you, totally and completely. This is the best kind of freedom, when nobody is asking if we are there yet.

When you are riding a motorcycle, you aren’t thinking about the bills you have to pay, that project that is due at work or the fact your mother-in-law will be staying with you for the next three months. No sir, your zen state pushed all of that out of the way so you can enjoy your freedom.

The time is now to contact Moore Powersports and see what we can do for you.